tRNAscan-SE Analysis of Methanocaldococcus infernus ME uid48803

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Structurally Aligned tRNAs (by Isotype & Anticodon)

Structural alignments are generated by aligning tRNA sequences against domain-specific tRNA covariance models with the use of COVE.

[Ala] [Arg] [Asn] [Asp] [Cys] [Gln] [Glu] [Gly] [His] [Ile] [Leu] [Lys] [Met] [Phe] [Pro] [Ser] [Thr] [Trp] [Tyr] [Val]
[Suppressor] [Selenocysteine]

Ala tRNAs

Arg tRNAs

Asn tRNAs

Asp tRNAs

Cys tRNAs

Gln tRNAs

Glu tRNAs

Gly tRNAs

His tRNAs

Ile tRNAs

Leu tRNAs

Lys tRNAs

Met tRNAs

Phe tRNAs

Pro tRNAs


Ser tRNAs

Sup tRNAs

Thr tRNAs

Trp tRNAs

Tyr tRNAs

Val tRNAs

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